“Beautiful and flawless in YOUR skin”

Sophia Cooke is the Founder, CEO and product creator of Sophia’s Skin Care & Cosmetics. Under her belt is a certificate in Professional Skincare Technology and Makeup Artistry. She has garnered years of experience as well as achieved major milestones career-wise.  

Sophia is trained and credentialed by the Toronto School of Dermatologics and the Caryl Baker School for Skincare in Beauty and Skin Care, Camouflage Prosthetics and Special Effects Makeup Art. 

Her seasoned expertise and knowledge of the skincare technology birthed what is now known as Sophia’s Skin Care & Cosmetics.



Sophia Skin Care & Cosmetics is a luxury line of all natural and botanical-based skincare and wellness products while the Sophia Woman is the beauty you have unleashed through your use of this unique brand of products.


ALL our products are made by hand with the best raw ingredients imported from Ghana and Africa. We mean it when we say each of our inventions are not only made of the best quality and most potency, but from a point of love and passion for clean, clear and smooth skin.


You skin is our business” we care about your skin, that is why, we pride the mastery of our craft and rich lush of our products, skill-fully handcrafted to provide you with great skin health. The natural ingredients in all our products are combined intentionally to nurture the largest organ of your body; your skin. 


We are very intentional and are diligent to ensure that all our products are non-toxic, free from artificial colours/fillers, perfumes, and chemicals, as our products are 100% organic making them beneficial for all skin types to use. 


Our Mission is to provide you with tested and trusted therapeutic solutions to maintaining optimum skin health without cutting deep into your pockets. 


Our Vision is for you to see Sophia skincare as that ally you desire to accompany you to every level of your dreams. It all starts with how you feel from the inside out. 


We are very intentional about skin health and safety, which explains why we make products that are non-toxic, free from artificial colours/fillers, perfumes and chemicals. We see a future where joy and fulfilment comes with being a Sophia Woman.